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Timeline F(x) is a cool Timeline manipulator: You can create a geometric path according to the Math function you selected. Select a layer you wish to animate before you run this command! It's a bit like the layer f(x) behavior, I made some predefined f(x) too. All Objects can only be inserted into the first! timeline (3.0 only)
Sticky dots
Insert Sticky Dots makes funny cursor effects. It inserts a bunch of small layers with diffrent colors and lets they flie around the mouse pointer. It's fast and easy without any coding. Thanks to Andrew Wooldridge for this idea and inspiration.
Layer 2Style
This Command takes the inline styles in nested layers and moves it up to a style tag. Now you can use nested layers in Netscape 4 browsers too. You can add and change existing layers and the style will be added to the existing styles. Layers in this case is the x-browser tag! (2.0 ~ 3.0)
Views Pack
This command makes it a bit easier working with DW: It toggles all the help stuff like dotted table borders, layer borders and the yellow "invisibles" I recommend to make a shortcut in the menu.xml file. I use Ctrl+Alt+U (3.0)
Open the file menu.xml: and insert at the end of the command section (<menu name="_Commands" id="DWMenu_Commands">...) this line:
      <menuitem name="Design View on/off" key="Cmd+Alt+U" file="Commands/Design view.htm" id="DWMenu_Commands_DesignView" />
Views Pack
A bit like the design view command: Tables for layouting like the fireworks tables dont have any border and padding. This is good for the layout but hard to work and selecting rows; this command toggles selected tables (selected or within any table) beetween border=0, padding=0, spacing=0 and border=1, spacing=10.
7" height="7" border="0">