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Welcome to the yaromat download page, here you can get all the tasty stuff - for free. I've added some install instructions directly on this page. All files are zipped, there is only one zip file for each kind of extension.
NOTE: I strated packing all the extensions into the fancy mxp format. You need DW3 or higher and the extension manager for installing this kind of packages. On this site you will only get the older stuff (Some extensions are not packed yet). To get the mxp packs watch out this icon:
Safe the zip file on your hard disk. Make a new folder below this path (yaromat or whatever): dreamweaver3/configuration/behaviors/actions/. Extract ALL files into this folder. Restart Dreamweaver. You will see anew submenu in the behavior floater. Download:

There are two exceptions:
* The open browser window modification, it should be stored into the original location, you can get the behavior from here:
Make a copy of the old original files! Don't send me mails about recovery (in this case).

* All timeline behaviors should be in the Timeline folder (or may be in any other subfolder but never in the root of the behavior folders!) Get the Timeline behaviors here: and put all files into: dreamweaver3/configuration/behaviors/actions/timeline/
Safe the zip file on your hard disk. Extract ALL inspector files into this folder: dreamweaver3/configuration/inspectors/ Restart Dreamweaver. Inspectors will appear if you select the assigned tag. Download inspectors:
Safe the zip file on your hard disk. Extract ALL commands into this folder: dreamweaver3/configuration/commands/ Restart Dreamweaver. You will see the commands in the command menu. Download:
Since there is only on object here (Center Frame) copy this into the frames folder: dreamweaver3/configuration/objects/frames/. Download:
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