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Macromedia Dreamweaver is the coolest webtool on earth. If you don't know what it is go here: [www.dreamweaver.com] I made this extensions for Dreamweaver users and hope to make your Dreamweaver a bit smarter. And they are free! I fixed some bugs in my extensions so that they work in DW3. Here are some informations about installing licence, downloading and using: [install]
Download: You can download the extensions here:
what's new
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  2. New extension:
    *Drag Layer as a patch for Mozilla/Netscape 6.
    *Mozillamat a cool DW Timeline Enabler for Mozilla
  3. Updates/Bugfixes: Mause Tarce as single MXP is NN 6 ready
Behaviors are a combination of events and the assigned action. Parameters of already inserted behaviors can be changed very easy: they will be reloaded into the behavior dialog window again. That makes it so comfortable and easy. And here comes the stuff:
Inspectors are this small panel where you can change all the attributes - it depends on the selection which PI is visible. It's possible to make custom PI's - for example the PI of the tag is actually a custom inspector. I have created and recreated some inspectors here:
Commands can do everything on your page. It is the Dreamweaver macro engine. For example you can save all or a part of your history as command - It will appear in the menu "Commands". I've made some simple commands but they are really cool and they save me a lot of time. To the Command Page:
Objects usually inserting html code. This can be a simple tag or a complex javascript. At the moment there is only one Object for DW3. I decided to remove the old objects cauce most of them are replaced by Macromedia with better solid code. To the Command Page: